Monday, January 19, 2009

Published Writings

2012                                      “Switching States”, Code Switch Ficto-curatorial Essay, Exhibition brochure, Singapore: Singapore Management University

2010                                        “Introduction: Tying Rubber Bands to Connect More Nails”, Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei Curatorial Essay, Singapore, activated C Studio (copyed. Nadim Abbas), pp. 5–14

2009                                        “The dialogue goes on ….”, Drawing Out Conversations: Hong Kong Leg, A Studio Bibiothèque art zine, part of  Things Artists Do series, Hong Kong Studio: Studio Bibiothèque, vol. 003,
pp. 002–3

2008                                        “Artistic Director’s Preface”, Drawing Out Conversations: Eight Slangs, Singapore, activated C Studio (ed. Michael Lee Hong Hwee), pp. 4–5

2007                                        Here, There, Nowhere, A journal of charcoal drawings and photographs published as a “guide” for a walk for You are not a Tourist, a component of the Curating Lab, Singapore, Singapore Art Show 2007, (ed. Willie Koh)

                                                                “Curator’s Preface”, MY ARTISTS, A Curatorial Piece by Tang Ling Nah, Singapore, WORM (ed. Lilian Chee), pp. 6–10

                                                Send Me An Angel, Book containing my essay, sketches, drawings and photographs published in conjunction with solo exhibition Send Me An Angel, Singapore, Tang Ling Nah (ed. Michael Lee Hong Hwee)

                                                “Journey of the line”, The Magical Space Project by 5ft Creatives, A book documenting the public’s idea of a magical space in a Moleskin notebook, Singapore, Basheer Graphic Books, pp. 142–161

2006                                        Normally in the usual way, but now…?”, Exhibition brochure, Normally—An exhibition of works that deal with absurdity, contradiction and irony, Singapore, Front Row, unpaginated

2004                                        “CURATORIAL STATEMENT”, Exhibition Catalogue, Through the Looking Glass, An exhibition on self-portraiture by BUFFER-KIT, Singapore, BUFFER-KIT, unpaginated

                                                If the Little Match-Girl could draw on the matchboxes.…”, Exhibition Catalogue, GROUNDWORK IV: Small Packages, Singapore, LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, pp. 26–7

                                                                “An Overview of Cinepolitans: Inhabitants of a Filmic City”, Essay co-written with Michael Lee Hong Hwee in Exhibition Catalogue, Cinepolitans: Inhabitants of a Filmic City, Singapore, Michael Lee Hong Hwee (ed. Low Jat Leng), pp. 8–14

2002                                        activated C”, Essay in Solo Exhibition Catalogue, activated C—An Exhibition of Charcoal Drawings by Tang Ling Nah, Singapore, Tang Ling Nah, (ed. Low Jat Leng), pp. 3–6
MOODSCAPE DRAWINGS: First Solo Exhibition by Quek Kiat Sing, Review in vehicle.contemporary visual arts, Plastique Kinetic Worms (PKW), Singapore, Issue 5/2002, pp. 6–9
TRAVELOGUE 2002, Review of The Winston Oh Travel Award Drawing Exhibition, in vehicle.contemporary visual arts, Singapore, PKW, Issue 5/2002, pp. 26–30

URBAN VISIONS, Les Places Du Monde: Solo Exhibition by Jean Pattou”, Review published in vehicle.contemporary visual arts, Singapore, PKW, Issue 4/2002, pp. 6–11      

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