Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Second Prize, Singapore Downtown Line (DTL) Art Competition

March 2012
Second Prize, Proposal titled in Flux for Expo Station (DTL) in collaboration with architecture collective atelier | small, DTL Art Competition, Land Transport Authority (LTA), Singapore.

Art Concept
The Expo Station, being next to the Singapore Expo and the Changi Business Park, acts like a ‘hub’ or a focal destination for people from around the world to come together to meet for various activities and businesses.
My team proposes an interactive and dynamic artwork that shows how people are connected globally, and which exudes movement, continuity & energy.

1. To highlight the spirit of interconnectivity, friendship amongst countries, and a state of being in flux as the station receives a continuous stream of local and international guests every day;
2. To produce an artwork that is modern and progressive so that it can be appreciated over time.

*Interactive component & projection―the presence of people are detected by motion sensors, & depending on the traffic volume, send signals to a central processing unit that produces permutations of imagery that are projected on the wall located at a prominent position at the platform area.
*The continuously-morphing imagery (indicating diversity and change) can be abstract or representational.
*Images reference people’s movement in transitory spaces in Expo area
*Time as an element
*Programming so that a particular image is produced in response to certain number of commuters present at the platform waiting area.

For more details, pls visit http://app.lta.gov.sg/art/asp/DTL.asp

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