Thursday, March 4, 2010

About My Drawing Classes

Drawing is my major medium of expression. I always believe that everyone can draw. We draw when we start picking up something that can make marks. We draw on any surfaces that can be drawn on. I am sure you draw when you were young, when you started holding a pencil or crayon handed to you by your parents. But as we grow older, we forget and due to various reasons (teachers saying that your drawing is ugly, no suitable art-making environment, e.g. your parents think you are threatening the wall of the house with your graffiti, etc.),you have it your mind that you cannot draw. But in our heart and even in our daily life, we draw: drawing a map to tell someone directions, scribbling things on paper when bored, and even jotting down words and numbers. I believe that drawing is an activity that humans perform naturally and can be done well with practice and love.

Drawing has many functions. It is an activity that serves to articulate what we are thinking. It is a powerful tool for communication. For artists, it is a way to visualise an idea or to sketch out a plan. Many artists, like myself, have actually regarded drawing as their major medium. Sadly, many people, including artists, have forgotten it in a high-tech world.

In my drawing classes, I hope to get everyone to think about what drawing means to them, to draw with confidence (there is no ugly drawing, there are only lazy people in self-denial), and most important of all, to enjoy drawing as the most natural way to make marks!

Ling Nah TANG
activated C Studio

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