Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Artwork: Contemplating Fullerton, 2002

This work is titled Contemplating Fullerton done in 2002, and was exhibited in my first solo exhibition activated C at Alliance Française, Singapore. It will be showcased at the upcoming inaugural NUS Alumni Art Show home, opening 27 Mar 2009.
It captured a view of a corner outside Fullerton Hotel at night. Part of my art-making process is to walk alone in the city, and take photographs of buildings and urban space which are then used as references in my drawings. In this case, it was a photo-shooting trip in the evening in the Raffles Place area. I was drawn by the light and the architectural elements in this particular corner. It made me stop, rest and ‘feel the space’. My drawing re-presents this scene, hoping that the audience will do the same like me—stop, take a breather and contemplate. I drew it with an enhanced contrast of light and dark (chiaroscuro) to create an ambience reminiscent of an alley in a noir film.

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