Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Biography 簡歷

TANG LING NAH is a Singapore-based artist and independent curator. Her work is inspired by modern city’s transitory spaces, and reflects urban conditions, especially the speed of life and the lack of interpersonal intimacy in urban life. She creates charcoal drawings, book art, installations, performances and videos to explore buildings, places and architectural spaces as communicators of stories about life. In 2008, she represented Singapore in the 2nd Singapore Biennale and also exhibited a work in the 11th International Architecture Biennale in Venice (Singapore Pavilion). She was awarded the 2007/2008 Freeman Foundation Asian Artist Fellowship to do a two-month residency at Vermont Studio Centre (Vermont, U.S.A)  in 2008. She is also the recipient of Singapore National Arts Council’s Young Artist Award (Art) 2004, the Juror’s Choice, Philip Morris Singapore-ASEAN Art Awards 2003, and the Della Butcher Award 2000. The exhibitions she curated include 床事A Thing or Two about the Bed (Singapore, 2013), Drawing Out Conversations: Taipei (Taipei, 2010), Drawing Out Conversations: Hong Kong Leg (Hong Kong, 2009), Through the Looking Glass (Singapore, 2004), and co-curated CODE SWITCH (Singapore, 2012) and Cinepolitans: Inhabitants of a Filmic City (Singapore, 2004).

陈玲娜是新加坡艺术家和独立策展人。她的作品灵感来自城市的过渡空间,反映了现代都市的状况,尤其是生活的节奏和人与人之间所缺乏的亲密感。她以炭笔画、本子艺术、装置,表演和录像来探讨建筑物、地方和建筑空间为叙述生活故事的媒介。玲娜在2008年代表新加坡参加第二届新加坡双年展,以及第十一届威尼斯国际建筑双年展(新加坡馆)。她曾荣获2007/2008弗里曼基金会亚洲艺术家奖学金,并在2008年在美国佛蒙特艺术中心驻村两个月。她也是新加坡国家艺术理事会 2004年青年艺术家奖(艺术)、2003年菲利普莫里斯新加坡─亚细安艺术奖的评审奖、2000年德拉布切尔奖的得主。 她策的展览包括《床事》(新加坡,2013年)、《对画:台北》(台北,2010年)、《对画:香港角》(香港,2009年)、《镜中缘》(新加坡,2004年)以及联合策展《语码转换》(新加坡,2012年)《影剧都会人》(新加坡,2004年)。