Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Artwork: An Other Space Within the House II 《屋子裡的另外空間II》, 2010

An Other Space Within the House II 《屋子裡的另外空間II》
Drawing Installation 空間裝置
Dimensions Variable 尺寸不一

Ling-Nah TANG’s work is inspired by the city’s transitory spaces, and it reflects on the conditions of the urban city, especially its speed and lack of intimacy and depth in interpersonal relationships.
For this residency, she used charcoal, paint, paper, masking tape and existing architectural elements in the gallery space to draw an illusionary space, taking reference from the architecture of Taipei National University of the Arts. In her work, she “de-constructs” the original real spaces and “re-constructs” them into imaginary spaces to create a sense of unfamiliar familiarity. Her drawing resembles trompe l’œil murals. Stairways, doors and windows are important features in her work.


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