Sunday, December 19, 2010

The World Outside 《外面的世界》

This work was commissioned by the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay, Singapore, as part of the year-end Visual Arts celebratory event "Look After'' (Oct-Dec 2010). It was a drawing installation by Tang Ling Nah, done in collaboration with design collective atelier | small. Through this work, Tang hopes to encourage urban dwellers to slow down, linger and ponder upon questions such as "What and where is this 'world outside'?"; "Have I b...een there before?"; "Why was I there, and who was with me?”, and “Why am I here now, and who am I waiting for?” The work's title is inspired by a Chinese song 《外面的世界》 originally sung by Qiqin, and recently re-presented by Karen Mok. It is Mok's version that Tang is particularly drawn to as it evokes much helplessness and longingness. Biographies Tang Ling Nah (Singapore) exhibited her work in the 2nd Singapore Biennale, and also in the 11th International Architecture Biennale in Venice (Singapore Pavilion) in 2008. Her work reflects the conditions of the modern city, particularly its speed and the lack of interpersonal intimacy in urban life. She was awarded the Young Artist Award (Art) by the National Arts Council, Singapore in 2004. atelier | small (Singapore) was founded in 2010 by three architecture undergraduates (Quek Li-en, Tan Yong Shen & Wu Huei Siang). Their contemplation of space, materials, details and sustainability is reflected in their design approach in which simple and thoughtful ideas are conceived in pursuance of enrichment of the environment. Drawing assistants: Susan Chia, Vincent Lim, Angella Yuen Photographer: Arron Teo Contractor: Condec Interior Construction Special thanks to the Esplanade (in particular, Tamares Goh, Iman Ismail, Jojie Anisa Md Hamsani), Quek Li-en, Tan Yong Shen, Wu Huei Siang, Susan Chia, Vincent Lim, Angella Yuen, Lee Yew Leong, Arron Teo, Rikey Cheng, Stephanie Fong, Khoo Ee Me, Willie Koh, Michael Lee Hong Hwee, Ren Hui. 《外面的世界》由新加坡滨海艺术中心呈献,艺术家陈玲娜和设计组合 atelier | small 协作。 這是為配合年終視覺藝術慶祝活動所創作的圖畫裝置。 玲娜希望通过作品鼓励城市人慢下脚步,在城市空间里逗留以及沉思:什么是「外面的世界」?它又在哪儿?;我去过那儿吗?;为什么我会去那儿?是谁陪我去那儿?;为什么现在我在这儿?我在等谁呢? 作品標題的靈感來自由齊秦所唱的一首歌《外面的世界》。最近由莫文蔚翻唱。玲娜尤其喜歡莫文蔚的版本,因為她賦予歌曲更多的無奈和渴望。 *Also on display at the Esplanade Community Wall (near the Library on the 3rd floor of Esplanade) are preparatory studies and plans of the project. Titled "Prelude to The World Outside" 《外面的世界前奏》, it will be exhibited from 5-28 Nov 2010. 在濱海藝術中心三樓靠近圖書館的牆面也會展示藝術家陳玲娜和設計組合 atelier | small 在籌備《外面的世界》時所做的方案和草圖。


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    Ho Rui An is an artist and writer from Singapore. He writes reviews and commentaries on contemporary art, film and theatre which are published in various periodicals as well as his own website ( In his practice, he hopes to destabilise schematic modes of cognition and knowledge production. He has also been working extensively in the short film and video genre and his works have been shown at various festivals internationally.