Monday, December 24, 2012

Clean State, 2012

Video stills
Title: Clean State

Duration: 4:47min

Medium: Video projection

Year: 2012
Pls see video here: 


This is a collaborative piece by artists Irma Lacorte (Philippines), Mark Salvatus (Philippines) and Ling-Nah Tang (Singapore) made for the exhibition Project Glocal: Dezipcoding for the Singapore International Foundation showcase ''DIVERSECITY'' held at 8Q, Singapore from 15 Nov till 2 Dec 2012.
Clean State involves the act of drawing and painting, but is presented in a video form. It uses the subjects of graffiti and city trash in response to the city's cycle of construction, reconstruciton and deconstruction. It offers a deconstructed cityscape---an image of a city which calls for the attention of the viewers to be more aware of their environment. It expresses the anxiety of cities to 'clean up' its physical appearance, but at the same time questions whether it has also discouraged creativity and creates a void in the citydwellers' minds. Is the 'blackness/blankness' really as 'safe' as the supposedly 'chaotic' graffiti and filthy trash? 

A documentation of the Dezipcoding exhibition can be seen here: 

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