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Drawing Parallel: A site-specific ephemeral paper installation cum movement-based performance, 2014

Watch video-documentation:

Trailer with snippets of after-performance dialogue:

Performed at Aliwal Arts Centre, 28 Aliwal Street, Singapore 199918, on 17 & 18 January 2014, in conjunction with Singapore Art Week 2014 (
With support by

Conceptualised and produced by visual artist Tang Ling Nah, Drawing Parallel consists of an ephemeral paper installation cum movement-based performance. It examines the medium of drawing as a verb; the act of making marks on a surface in relation to movements performed by the human body in everyday life. The 'drawer', that is the performer, 'draws' on surfaces using actions related to the idea of 'cleaning', such as erasing, mopping, peeling, scraping and wiping and tearing which create marks on surfaces or in space.
The performance is a collaborative project with dancers Eng Kai Er, Adele Goh and Bernice Lee; sound/music designer Ho Wen Yang and violinist Audrina Goh, as well as lighting designers Jim Chan and Suen Kok Khuen.

The performance comprises:
Prelude: Listening, Observing, Marching in

Act 1: Strategising-Passing, thinking, turning, testing, measuring

Act 2: Cleaning Up-Tearing, peeling, crushing, burrowing, burying, pulling, rolling, wrapping, sweeping, throwing, passing

Act 3: Resting/Playing but Not Work-flipping, flopping, folding, mirroring, rolling, searching, sitting, staying still, shifting, turning, wrapping

Act 4: Gathering & Final Throw out-Dragging, gathering, mopping, rolling, pushing, wrapping
Epilogue: Listening, observing.

Choreographed & Performed by Eng Kai Er, Adele Goh, Bernice Lee, Tang Ling Nah
Sound/Music Design by Ho Wen Yang
Violin played by Audrina Goh
Lighting Design by Jim Chan, Suen Kok Khuen
Video-documentation & Editing by Rola Lo, Benjamin Low

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