Thursday, April 2, 2015

MILLING WITH CARE: A Site-specific Ephemeral Installation-cum-Performance, 2015

31 January 2015
Supported by National Arts Council & The Mill x WeJungle
This is a documentation of the installation-cum-performance held at The Mill, (Singapore)―a design boutique which will be demolished to construct a new building. It was part of the event titled The Mill x WeJungle: DESTRUCTION & REBIRTH 

Here is the link to the video-documentation by Benjamin Low:

This ephemeral installation-cum-performance brings the audience to a journey inside The Mill with a narrative that explores the various aspects of palliative care for a “dying building” through music and various movements (such as diagnosing, cleaning and reading) by the performers.

The performance encourages the audience to be “physically and mentally” present to experience the various spaces and elements in The Mill, and to interact with the people (performers included) around them, at that moment of time, and to ponder on the state of a building (and its inhabitants) before and after it is gone.

Produced by
TANG Ling Nah

Choreographed & performed by
Bernice LEE
Faye LIM
TANG Ling Nah

Music (Flute) by

Still Photography by
Sherman See-Tho
Video-documentation and editing by
Benjamin LOW

Video-documentation assisted by

©TANG Ling Nah, activated C Studio

 Being led by the "Piped-piper" May Leong.
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

Braiding the "umbilical cord".  
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

Reading to the building.
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

Following the "Piped-piper" to the back of the building.
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

Photo by Sherman See-Tho.
Looking out.
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

Photo by Joe Tham.

"Umbilical cord" cut.
Photo by Sherman See-Tho.

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